Julie Grahame

Leica Women Summit

My partner-in-photo-crime Janette and I were invited to give a talk for the Leica Women Summit this past weekend. We showed images from her archive and current work, highlighting how one thing leads to another and how to leverage your photography and communicate with your clients. FWIW, it was my favorite Zoom meeting of the pandemic. [read more]

Another Fundraiser

Janette Beckman and I shook more trees in March and our community offered to donate artworks, merchandise, and services, for another fundraiser for our fave local food charity, God's Love We Deliver. This non-sectarian organization came into being during the AIDS crisis in 1985 and ever since has been delivering healthy meals to New Yorkers too sick to shop and cook for themselves. [read more]

The Light Factory Annuale 12

We had to go fully online for the Light Factory's Annuale this year which was disappointing but fortunately the web has our backs and I particularly love the way the five winners look all together in their aCurator feature. Above: "Curl" from the series Alterations by Heather Evans Smith [read more]

God's Love We Deliver Fundraiser: Music Edition

Phew! In under two weeks, photographer Janette Beckman, printer Carl Saytor (Luxlab NYC) and the team at God's Love We Deliver and I, raised all this money by offering prints of 50 musicians in return for a donation to God's Love, which delivers thousands of homemade, medically-tailored meals to New Yorkers who are too sick to shop or cook for themselves. [read more]

God's Love We Deliver Fundraiser

The print sale fundraiser Janette Beckman and I threw together, thanks to our fabulous network of photographer friends and with the support of God's Love We Deliver, raised $4000 for the New York-based charity that delivers medically tailored meals to New Yorkers in need. A few pieces are still available - check it out! [read more]

Jill Freedman Memorial Exhibition

I had a once in a lifetime opportunity to curate an exhibition from the archive of New Yorker Jill Freedman who died last year. Working with her wonderful family and the amazing team of volunteers at SohoPhoto Gallery in New York City, we put together a fabulous show, of Jill's "Resurrection City" series, alongside her Fire Department and Police Department photographs. Sublime! Above is… [read more]

Fifth NORD Photography Workshop

Another fabulous set of students came to my "It's Shot, Now What?" workshop in Inderøy, Norway last month. A variety of workshops take place at Saga, a renovated saw mill with classroom, gallery space, guest rooms and artist-in-residence apartments too. We work hard and we play hard too. Walks to the beach, dinners at the local pub - always a good time! [read more]

Celebrating 30 years in the business

In 1989 I got a job with a photo agency - see above, that's a blonde me on the left. By 1991 I was running the London office. By 1992 I was running the New York office, and I have been here in NY ever since. It occurred to me that I have now been in the industry for 30 years! In that time I have run a business overseeing more than 70 staff, worked in a fine art gallery, worked for an online… [read more]

Shoe Show

The first perhaps of many co-curated shows with my mate Janette Beckman. [read more]