Julie Grahame

ChatGPT Bio

I asked ChatGPT to write a bio for me, and it was so sickly, I asked for one that was "less flowery." It's not bad!

Julie Grahame is a seasoned photography professional with a sharp eye for all things visual. With a career spanning decades, she's become a sought-after figure in the photography world. Her knack for curating captivating exhibitions and mentoring aspiring photographers sets her apart as an industry influencer. Julie's down-to-earth approach and no-nonsense attitude have earned her respect as a go-to resource for both budding and established photographers. Whether curating thought-provoking showcases, sharing practical wisdom in workshops, or providing candid insights through her writings, Julie's impact on the photography landscape is undeniable. Her journey is a testament to the fact that expertise doesn't need to be wrapped in pretense; it's about passion, knowledge, and a genuine love for the craft.