Julie Grahame

Second NORD Photography Workshop

NORD Photography Workshops take place at the Old Saw Mill aka Saga, in Inderøy, Norway. They cover book binding, alternative processes, visual storytelling, and for the last two years, a marketing and branding workshop hosted by me. This year we added a few hours as we ran out of time in 2016, and I was thrilled that one of the students came back for a second helping. What a compliment! It was … [read more]

Third Annual APAG Seminar

The American Photography Archives Group held its third seminar on March 11 and 12, 2017, at our usual home, the school of the International Center of Photography in New York City. This year saw more attendees than ever and a fabulous series of panels including guests Robert Gurbo, who manages the Andre Kertesz archives, ICP's Curator Maya Benton who manages the Roman Vishniac Archives, Leslie… [read more]

ASMP and Photoville

Photoville celebrated its fifth year in 2016. This time the 60 or so exhibitions, installed inside and outside of shipping containers, was located directly under the Brooklyn Bridge. Always glad and grateful to be involved, this year I was invited by ASMP to curate an exhibition for them and partake in portfolio reviews with the general public. Both went really well, but I especially enjoyed… [read more]

The Photo Tellers Interview

The team at Fireside Network is dedicated to interviewing a variety of people on a mixture of topics, one of which is photography under the headline of The Photo Tellers. My client Eric Pickersgill had a conversation with host Bill E. Ramsay, after which Bill reached out to interview me, too. It was lots of fun and now I'll be more prepared in future when someone asks me what question I would… [read more]

Yousuf Karsh & John Garo

The Karsh Estate is pleased to announce the publication of "Yousuf Karsh & John Garo:The Search for a Master's Legacy" which is out now from Benna Books. We spent months researching and clearing rights with various wonderful institutions to produce this special book about Karsh's early mentor who lived a fantastic life in Boston in the 1910s and '20s. “Garo’s salon was my uni… [read more]

ASMP Student Reviews

Working hard at ASMP student portfolio reviews. Fell hard for these two, the SAD GURLZ! They got a spot in the blog with their entertaining and enlightening series of young women. See it over at aCurator. I am book-ended by smiling lovelies Kris Graves and Amanda Gorence (Refinery29). Photo © Erica Price [read more]

AIPAD 2016: Bye bye Armory

AIPAD has always been a highlight of the year for me, I have been going for as long as I have lived in New York (almost 25 years). Sometimes I get to work with ClampArt, which gives me the opportunity not only to sell prints for some of my favourite photographers but to stand in one spot and see just about everyone I know in the photo world. From gallerists to editors, photographers to… [read more]

American Photographic Artists "Off the Clock"

Many thanks go to the board of APA LA for hosting one of the best events of my life. APA invited me to judge their annual "Off the Clock" exhibition, wherein I had the pleasure of choosing 100 photographs from nearly 1000 entries. It's all well and good viewing images on a screen but I still get the most pleasure from seeing a print, and all the artists' work looked great. APA framed… [read more]

Eric Pickersgill's "Removed" solo exhibition opens at Rick Wester Fine Art

My dear client Eric Pickersgill flew in to New York for his first major solo exhibition, which opened at Rick Wester Fine Art, in Chelsea on March 24, 2016. Rick Wester is visionary, and so he signed Eric right away after his "Removed" series went viral, reinforcing the powerful ability of Eric's topical photographs to live outside of the screen. I always got a kick out of the fact that… [read more]

ASMP Fine Art Portfolio Review 2016

It's always a pleasure to volunteer time for the ASMP, and the board is particularly hot right now. They pulled in a good variety of reviewers for the annual fine art review and I reviewed more than one exciting and unique project. I believe it has to be worth the annual membership fee if you are prepared to take advantage of things like these free portfolio reviews so consider joining your local… [read more]