Julie Grahame


God's Love We Deliver Fundraiser

The print sale fundraiser Janette Beckman and I threw together, thanks to our fabulous network of photographer friends and with the support of God's Love We Deliver, raised $4000 for the New York-based charity that delivers medically tailored meals to New Yorkers in need. A few pieces are still available - check it out ! [read more]

Another Fundraiser

Janette Beckman and I shook more trees in March and our community offered to donate artworks, merchandise, and services, for another fundraiser for our fave local food charity, God's Love We Deliver. This non-sectarian organization came into being during the AIDS crisis in 1985 and ever since has been delivering healthy meals to New Yorkers too sick to shop and cook for themselves. [read more]

The Power of Photography to Fund 6,680 Meals

Our friends at the beloved New York food charity God's Love We Deliver, a secular non-profit that cooks and delivers nutritionally balanced meals for sick New Yorkers, interviewed me and Janette Beckman after our third online fundraiser for them, having raised $66,680 selling mainly artworks and photographs since the start of the pandemic online via aCurator. Read the article . [read more]