Julie Grahame


Interview with Shutterhub

I really enjoyed doing this interview with photo resource Shutterhub . "The award winning aCurator online magazine features high quality photographic projects from a diverse range of contributors, displayed in a full screen format. Its founder Julie Grahame has a long history of working with photographers as a consultant, online publisher, editor, portfolio reviewer and more. We took the … [read more]

Interview with The Click

Sara Rosen and I sat down to talk about the origins of aCurator for the Click blog over at Glitterati Inc. “I got a job as a photography processor at a one-hour photo shop on a high street. Then I got into further education and had a great time doing a photo course for two years. I wasn’t particularly good but I knew I wanted to do something in photography professionally. It was 1989 and I ended … [read more]

The Photo Tellers Interview

The team at Fireside Network is dedicated to interviewing a variety of people on a mixture of topics, one of which is photography under the headline of The Photo Tellers . My client Eric Pickersgill had a conversation with host Bill E. Ramsay, after which Bill reached out to interview me, too. It was lots of fun and now I'll be more prepared in future when someone asks me what question I would … [read more]

BH Photo Podcast

It's always nice to be asked to speak, and a couple of weeks ago I recorded a podcast for B&H Photo Video's Explora series. Torontonian photographer Rick McGinnis and I nattered on mainly about blogging and archives. Click to hear about how I curate aCurator, how we use the Karsh website, and some of my thoughts on photographers and the web. Photo by John Harris, Podcast producer. [read more]

Why You Like This Photo: The science of perception

International award-winning cinematographer Brian Dilg blends photographic fundamentals like exposure, focus, and composition with the latest developments in psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and evolutionary biology, in a thrilling exploration of how a photo works, how your brain perceives it, and why you like the result. Brian interviewed me for the book, and included images from two of my … [read more]

What Will You Remember?

Writer Elin Spring extracted a few words from me in conjunction with the exhibition I curated for the Griffin Museum. I've been called a few things over time but firecracker is a new one! Here is my "Curator's Viewpoint" . [read more]

Frames Photography Podcast

Many thanks to the lovely W. Scott Olsen and Tomash from Frames Magazine and Podcast for my interview. I talk how I got from being a photo student to now, how I work with my clients, and what else I do each day. Click here to listen . [read more]

The Power of Photography to Fund 6,680 Meals

Our friends at the beloved New York food charity God's Love We Deliver, a secular non-profit that cooks and delivers nutritionally balanced meals for sick New Yorkers, interviewed me and Janette Beckman after our third online fundraiser for them, having raised $66,680 selling mainly artworks and photographs since the start of the pandemic online via aCurator. Read the article . [read more]

New York Said Podcast

Had a bit too much fun with Amon Focus, creator of the podcast "New York Said" (Pay Attention, The Streets are Talking!). Hear us giggling and chatting about the photography business. I might have done myself out of a consultation or two in the process! Listen here . [read more]