Julie Grahame

American Photographic Artists "Off the Clock"

Many thanks go to the board of APA LA for hosting one of the best events of my life. APA invited me to judge their annual "Off the Clock" exhibition, wherein I had the pleasure of choosing 100 photographs from nearly 1000 entries. It's all well and good viewing images on a screen but I still get the most pleasure from seeing a print, and all the artists' work looked great. APA framed… [read more]

Eric Pickersgill's "Removed" solo exhibition opens at Rick Wester Fine Art

My dear client Eric Pickersgill flew in to New York for his first major solo exhibition, which opened at Rick Wester Fine Art, in Chelsea on March 24, 2016. Rick Wester is visionary, and so he signed Eric right away after his "Removed" series went viral, reinforcing the powerful ability of Eric's topical photographs to live outside of the screen. I always got a kick out of the fact that… [read more]

ASMP Fine Art Portfolio Review 2016

It's always a pleasure to volunteer time for the ASMP, and the board is particularly hot right now. They pulled in a good variety of reviewers for the annual fine art review and I reviewed more than one exciting and unique project. I believe it has to be worth the annual membership fee if you are prepared to take advantage of things like these free portfolio reviews so consider joining your local… [read more]

2016 New York Portfolio Review hosted by the New York Times

Was super pleased to be invited to the Fourth Annual New York Times Portfolio Review this year. I reviewed some very talented youngsters, and got to meet one of my photo heroes, Isadora Kosofsky. Go check her out right now! I was also pleased to see the delightful Elizabeth Avedon, who wrote up some good pieces about the reviews over at L'Oeil de la Photographie [read more]

Photolucida 2015

© John Stewart via Photolucida I noticed this photo online of me in full swing with Donna Pinckley, talking about her series "Sticks and Stones," which highlights verbal abuse that mixed race couples have faced. Donna was one of a handful of photographers whose work I published in the months following the Photolucida portfolio review - it was truly an enjoyable few days in Portland. … [read more]

Heading to Inderøy

I am off to host my first workshop at the beautiful SAGA, in Inderøy, Norway, where I will be helping a small group of photographers think about marketing their photographs, and cover a variety of topics from editing to licensing. © Elisabeth Aanes / Nord Photography [read more]

Hard at Work: Jason Gardner

© Jason Gardner Viewing visual anthropologist Jason Gardner's photographs is an emotional experience. They transport the viewer to the intense Carnaval, in Brazil and elsewhere, and often portray the seriousness of its partying participants. "A Flower in the Mouth" is Jason's extensive book which shows the culture, music and rituals of the Carnaval festival in Pernambuco, Brazil. We … [read more]

Bruce Davidson and Me

I just found this in my archives... taken at the incredible Nordic Light Festival in Kristiansund North, Norway, a couple of years ago. Imagine my surprise to find myself billed alongside Bruce Davidson, Mary Ellen Mark, Abe Frajndlich, and Greg Gorman. It was quite a week! Nordic Light took over its town of Kristiansund, and the local fire department was helping hang street signs as I arrived. I… [read more]

Digital Media Licensing Association Annual Conference

For several years I was a member of the trade organization PACA, the Picture Agency Council of America. Since leaving the agency where I worked for 16 years, I changed career track, and PACA changed their name to DMLA, Digital Media Licensing Association. Despite moving away from that industry I have maintained some of my relationships; these are people with whom I saw the business change in many… [read more]

Annual Seminar of the American Photography Archives Group

The second annual seminar for APAG members and non-members was held at our favourite venue, ICP, on September 12 and 13, 2015. It featured fascinating panelists and was packed full of information pertaining to archives, what to do with them, how to look after them, who might purchase them and how to otherwise leverage their value. Just a few majorly important points of business! Here I am on my… [read more]