Julie Grahame

SXSE Photo Workshop


"The Business End of Things: Marketing, Promoting, and Licensing Your Photography with Julie Grahame" was my first (of many, I hope) workshops with SXSE in Molena, Georgia. 25 people came from across the state to Molena to listen and share. A handful of photographers also booked one-on-one time with me. It was an enriching experience to hear their stories, their tales of local history, and critique their photos. Not only that, but it's peach season and I was treated to fresh peaches every day. Twice a day. At least.

SXSE offers all sorts of stuff for photographers. Workshops, exhibitions, a magazine, photo scavenger hunts. Check them out and see what you could get involved with!

The portfolio reviewees and me. Photo by our host, the all-singing, all-dancing Nancy McCrary.