Julie Grahame

I am a photography consultant and curator who has been in the industry for more than 30 years and I can help you get the best out of your photographs, improve and develop your work and how you present yourself. I can advise any and all photographers - hobbyist, aspiring, semi-pro, or professional.

"Julie was instrumental in putting together my book “Street” and has been great source of information and guidance over the years through her blog aCurator.com" Phil Penman

"There is only one Julie Grahame. From the minute I met her she has been a positive force in my life." Ernie Paniccioli, Author, Photographer, Artist, Lecturer

"So glad I contacted you. I've been looking at these for so long that I could no longer see them!" "Lots on my to-do list now - thanks a million."

If you are looking for assistance with editing, sequencing; your portfolio, website, or online presence; negotiating a job or license; help with a contract, or just to talk through a project or concern, I will help you out. My clients receive a huge amount of information during a one hour session, I record it so you can listen again.

In 1992 I moved from London to New York to run an international photo agency representing 400+ photographers. I left in 2006 and took the archive of Yousuf Karsh with me to continue clearing rights for his iconic photographs. I edit, write and publish aCurator magazine, and aCurator blog, which was cited both by the British Journal of Photography and LIFE in their reviews of influencers and taste-makers. For two years I was associate director at ClampArt fine art gallery. I now consult and review work for photographers of all levels and styles. I also enjoy guest appearances speaking and presenting to students and I host a workshop with NORD Photography in Inderøy, Norway.

"Julie Grahame is our hero, seriously. For those who need help with navigating the photo world, whether it's editing and pricing your work or just general advice, Julie is your woman with a wealth of knowledge." Laura Roumanos, Executive Producer, United Photo Industries.

I called Julie in a panic. Referred by the best people I know, Julie dove head first with me into the viral media blitz of my project "Removed." Together we navigated international media requests for print, online, and television use of my images. Organized, persistent, and with confidence, Julie represented not just the use of my work, but also the integrity and meaning of my personal vision so that the work did not fall to ill use. Coaching me along the way, Julie has taught me skills that I will forever use in my practice. Julie Grahame is joyfully stern, an awesome teammate, and makes a mean latte. You should work with her. Eric Pickersgill