Julie Grahame

I can help you get the best out of your photographs, improve and develop your work and how you present yourself.

I am a consultant and curator who has been in the photography industry for 25 years. If you are looking for assistance with editing, sequencing; your website, or online presence; help with a contract, or to talk through a project or concern, I will collaborate with you to hone your vision.

In 1992 I moved from London to New York to run an international photo agency representing 400+ photographers. I left in 2006 and took the archive of Yousuf Karsh with me to continue clearing rights for his iconic photographs. I edit, write and publish aCurator magazine, and aCurator blog, which was cited both by the British Journal of Photography and LIFE in their reviews of influencers and taste-makers. For two years I was associate director at ClampArt fine art gallery. I now consult and review work for photographers of all levels and styles.

Julie was extremely helpful in editing and sequencing my project. She has an incisive eye, a forthright manner and a wonderful sensibility. She clearly addressed all of my concerns, and she gave me valuable advice for improving my project statement. Talking with her on the phone was the best part of the process. Julie went above and beyond in her efforts, and I'm delighted to give her my highest recommendation.
Stan Raucher

Marco and I thought that our talk was very productive and hands-on where appropriate. You equally provided plenty of food for thought and insight that will help us move forward and focus on areas that require improvements/changes. This feels exciting, so thank you!
Hanni Cerutti P.S. "your version of our bios is AWESOME."

Julie Grahame is our hero, seriously. For those who need help with navigating the photo world, whether it's editing and pricing your work or just general advice, Julie is your woman with a wealth of knowledge. As Dave Shelley (UPI’s Creative Producer) likes to put it, "Julie is the Kevin Bacon of the photo industry! If you don't know her personally, you know someone who does!” Laura Roumanos, Executive Producer, United Photo Industries.

I never knew what a bad editor I was... I am truly grateful for all your insights."